Sous Chef Apprenticeship

The Sous Chef Apprenticeship is an ‘earn and learn’ degree programme that combines on-the-job training with academic study in an Institute of Technology.


A Sous Chef will be trained to:

  • Utilise critical thinking skills required to evaluate strategic issues arising within culinary businesses.
  • Assess development, and business opportunities in culinary arts industries in relation to different sectors and countries.
  • Demonstrate technological awareness and the ability to utilise appropriate technology for personal, academic and professional use.
  • Examine and apply a wide range of management competencies applicable to the culinary industry.
  • Work independently to carry out relevant research applicable to the culinary industry.
  • Implement contemporary cookery techniques in line with current international trends.

This programme is designed by industry and academic professionals so you will learn the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for a successful career that will take you anywhere in the World.

The Sous Chef Apprenticeship programme is designed to expose you to a wide range of culinary skills and ideas and allows you to not only learn how to do something, but understand why it is done a certain way.

It combines classroom training with hands-on practical skills development in the workplace. You follow a structured path of learning to build your knowledge and skills from a basic to advanced level. Your work-based mentor will monitor and help you progress through the apprenticeship and you will learn how your college based learning links to your everyday working environment.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Allows you to work and earn while getting to achieve a qualification.
  • Gives you time to develop and enhance your skills and techniques with a mentor.
  • Provides you with a wide range of career opportunities in any type of food business.
  • Opens doors to career progression from Sous Chef to Head Chef.
Year 1

Cost: €750 + CIT Uniform


YearSemester 1


Contemporary Culinary Practice (10 ECTS)

This module is designed for ambitious students who want to work at the cutting edge of culinary arts. The module focuses on trends and developments in the contemporary culinary landscape and explores the relationship between classical and contemporary cuisine. Students will learn the importance of balance, flavour, textures and colour, which are essential components when developing new dishes. This module will also draw on the knowledge and skills gained previously to develop contemporary techniques. Skills developed in Social and Creative Media will be used in the creation of a portfolio. The student will also explore new and exciting innovations for food production which will inspire them to be a leader and innovator in the industry. Emphasis will also be placed on food waste, allergens, sourcing, uses and nutritional aspects of key ingredients and the most up to date technical trends in today’s kitchens.

Strategic Culinary Management (10 ECTS)

This module further develops the student’s knowledge and understanding of culinary operations management. It will enable their ability to evaluate and apply to operations management concepts and techniques to the management of culinary operations in a practical context. In this module, the attention is placed on more analysis and evaluation of the operational challenges that transcend, departmental or unit boundaries e.g. performance management, asset value management, which will enhance the practitioners advanced decision making.

Semester 2

Food Tourism (10 ECTS)

To provide the student with an analysis of food tourism policy and planning at regional, national and international level and to critically evaluate the day to day and emerging issues in relation to food tourism. The Independent Study hours on this module includes both Independent study and on the job training relating to this module.

Food Blogging & E-Profile (10 ECTS)

This module will allow students to explore social media, looking at how the creation of food blogs will cater for students to document their food productions, display their photography and styling techniques, while also developing their craft within the main core subject area. Food blog sites will allow students to build a portfolio of their work which displays their craft and food styling techniques for continuous assessments within the education environment but also their current employers. This module also has the capacity to link in with other modules and work as a platform to display student’s completed projects. Starting a food blog is a great way to document your recipes, share your love for cooking with others and become an even better and more creative chef.

Year 2

Cost: €750 + CIT Uniform

YearSemester 1

Food Futures (10 ECTS)

This module will enable students to focus on the complex and dynamic national and global environmental issues concerning future food sustainability, food production and strategic planning for a changing world. The central theme will be political factors that will influence future food policies, and strategic directions for the long term food sustainability.
Semester 2
Independent Research Project (10 ECTS)

The independent project focuses on integration from across various modules on the programme and to conduct research for a major study. This study may be a purely research based piece of work, or a business development proposal & plan. The project will promote and foster the student’s creativity be it in their research choice, or business model approach. It will also encourage applied industry engagement during the project’s design, development and presentation.

Sous chef Apprenticeship Programme Structure

2 Years – 4 Semesters

Delivery is based on a 12-week semester and it will be as follows.

Level 8 Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts on completion

  • Achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts – Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications
  • ‘Earn and Learn’ – work and earn whilst gaining a professional qualifications
  • Combines on-the-job training with academic study


Sous Chef Apprenticeship

Paul Sigler, from On The Pigs Back, Douglas

Can Anyone Apply?

Entry into the Sous Chef programme is done on a case to case bases. Your time in industry is taken into account. Having done the Chef de Partie programme you have a direct progression onto the Sous Chef Programme. Please contact our team to discuss

Applicants must have a pass in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent examinations, obtain a minimum grade 06/H7 in English, and O6/H7 in four other subjects

[ or ]

Mature Applicants – Assessed through the Department

[ or ]

A full QQI FE Level 5 Award

How to Apply

Contact our team on and contact number is 01 6779901. We will assist you in your application process.

For further details see Generation Apprenticeship

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