Chef de Partie Apprenticeship

The Chef de Partie Apprenticeship is an ‘earn and learn’ degree programme that combines on-the-job training with academic study in a Technical University.

This programme is designed by industry and academic professionals so a chef will learn the skills, expertise and behaviours necessary for a successful career in the global culinary industry. 


By the end of the Apprenticeship,  A Chef De Partie will be able to:

  • Effectively use a range of cooking skills and techniques to develop and produce quality dishes.
  • Understand the principles of food preparation and cooking; traditional and modern cuisine; taste; allergens; diet and nutrition to produce dishes and menu items that meet business and customer requirements.
  • Understand food safety practices and procedures to ensure the safe preparation and cooking of food in line with food safety legislation.
  • Contribute to reviewing and refreshing menus and dishes.
  • Supervise a particular area in a kitchen.
  • Deliver advanced culinary skills in a professional kitchen.
  • Identify how the business strategy, customer profile, culture and constraints influence the development of creative, profitable and competitive menus.
  • Understand the principles of profit and loss, and support the overall financial performance of the business through operating efficiently to reduce wastage and deliver profit margins.

The Chef de Partie Apprenticeship programme is designed to expose apprentices to a wide range of culinary skills and ideas and allows apprentices to not only learn how to do something, but understand why it is done a certain way.

It combines classroom training with hands-on practical skills development in the workplace. Apprentices follow a structured path of learning to build their knowledge and skills from a basic to advanced level. Their work-based mentor will teach and assist their progress through the apprenticeship and will learn how apprentices’ college based learning links to the everyday working environment.

On completion of this four year apprenticeship, apprentices will become a fully qualified Chef De Partie, with a QQI Level 7 Bachelor of Art in Culinary Arts. 

Apprentices may also use this qualification to progress to the Sous Chef Apprenticeship, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts. 

Benefits of the Programme

  • Allows apprentices to work and earn while getting to achieve a qualification.
  • Gives apprentices time to develop and enhance your skills and techniques with a mentor.
  • Provides apprentices with a wide range of career opportunities in any type of food business.
  • Career progression opportunities from Chef de Partie to Sous Chef and Head Chef.

Chef de Partie Apprenticeship Programme Structure

4 Years – 8 Semesters

Delivery is based on a 12-week semester and it will be as follows.

Level 7 Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

Year 1

Cost: €1500 + Uniform & Knives
Structure: 2 days per week in college during term time

1Fundamental Culinary Skills10
Fundamentals of Patisserie5
Food Safety & Culinary Science5
Learning at Third Level5
IT for Culinary Professionals5
2Culinary Skills Development10
Developing Patisserie Skills5
Introduction to Food & Beverage Service5
Nutrition & Diet5
Workplace Communication5
Year 2

Cost: €1500 + Uniform & Knives
Structure: 2 days per week in college during term time

3Planning a Culinary Event10
Plated Desserts5
Classical Cuisine5
Exploring Food5
Applied Food & Beverage Costing5
4Apprentice Led Culinary Event10
Creative Plated Desserts5
Principles of Garde Manger5
Contemporary Cuisine5
Year 3

Cost: €750 + Uniform & Knives
Structure: 1 days per week in college during term time

5Classical Culinary Practice5
Applied Culinary Management10


Advanced Pastry Arts5
Food Photography & Social Media5
Food Product Innovation5
Year 4

Cost: €750 + Uniform & Knives
Structure: 1 days per week in college during term time

7Advanced Pastry Art & Design5
Food Product development with Enterprise10
8Contemporary Garde Manger5
Food Study & Applied Research10


What our graduating students say:

Who can apply?

Any employer that aspires to have an experienced kitchen team, who has considered the terms and conditions and trusts the potential Apprentice meets the entry requirements.

Any Apprentice, with the support of their employer, whether they have limited kitchen experience and wish to pursue a career in professional cooking or they are a more seasoned chef who want to advance their career and obtain a qualification.

Applicants must have a pass in the Leaving Certificate or equivalent examinations, obtain a minimum grade 06/H7 in English, and O6/H7 in four other subjects

[ or ]

Mature Applicants – Assessed through the chosen Technological University

[ or ]

A full QQI FE Level 5 Award

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